Комітет Підприємців Львівщини

Code of Honour

By the present Code of Honour Lviv Entrepreneurs Committee acknowledges that the members of our organization adhere to the following values and principles:
- priority of spiritual values over material ones;
- patriotism;
- personal freedom and independence;
- social responsibility;
- openness and honesty.

We consider unacceptable for ourselves and other people: 
- criminal past;
- gaining of possessions by means of unlawful and unjust measures;  
- provision of intentionally incorrect and incomplete information; 
- social indifference;
- cooperation with and participation in public, political and governmental institutions that were engaged in unlawful, antinational and anti-state actions;    
- neglect of state and society interests while achieving own goals;  
- treason of accepted ideals and principles.

We consider the following as moral virtues:
- business successfulness;
- generosity;
- public activity; 
- aspiration to self-improvement;
- loyalty to family values;
- local patriotism;
- pragmatism;
- irrationality;
- fidelity to principles;
- courage;
- law-abiding;
- kindness;
- responsibility;
- tolerance.

The present Code of Honour of Lviv Entrepreneurs Committee is the basic document, which guides the activity of the Committee Ethic Commission.  The Code of Honour was approved on February 12, 2005 by the Constituent Meeting of the Lviv Entrepreneurs Committee and is not subject to further changes under any circumstances.